Liam loves life fundraising meeting @ the sportsman (not!) colston street 5th April by Liam loves life on Sunday, 8 April 2012 at 15:06 · First of all a big thank you to everyone who came! here goe's:

Mathew Rice, Laura Rice, Elizabeth Allan, Toni Stuart, Chris Stuart, Kath Stuart, Rose Britt, Delroy Higgins, michelle Allan, Sarah Hunt, Rachael Degainis & James, Justin Tyrrell & Elishia, Sally Crossley& Matt, Liz Walker, Ben kelly, Tom Checkley, Nicola Burns, Danny Rice, Jonny (who's surname will come back to me later!) Ellie Thomas and Claire Brown

(Sorry to Elishia, Matt & James who i only met that night and surnames i haven't a clue x)

Mathew spoke first about Liam and his diagnosis of frieidreich's ataxia, what Liam knows about it and how Liam is coping. It was a amazing speach! Weldone Matt x

We then went on to talk about the story in the evening post and how we have their support with any future advents! I will be contacting more news papers, radio stations and tv news, This Morning, who ever will have us! watch this space!

Rose Britt told us about the money she has raised from t-shirts, badges, key rings and how to order them direct form her. Also charity  buckets please contact Rose if you would like one.

Family fun day at the railway tavern 4th June starting at 1, bbq ran by local football team, Face painting, live band, auction and the lovely Rose Britt sponsored head shave! hope you all can make it!

26th May Ben kelly's birthday weekend! Ben will organize this! invites to follow, Thank you Ben!!

Lots of sponsored walks arranged already, Leigh Weeks has organised a five mile walk on the 27th may if your interested please contact Liz Allan or Claire Brown this will be a family day so get sponsored and enjoy!

Ben Kelly, Justin Tyrrel, Elisia, Laura Rice,Kath Stuart and Chris Stuart will be doing the Bristol 10k may 20th sponsors please!

Rose Britt will be holding a cake sale at st joesph's primary school dates TBC.

Sally and Matt will be sorting Liam a pro website. Thank you guys very much!

Ben Kelly, Justin Tyrrel, Delroy Higgins, Paul Brown & Leigh Weeks are all mad! They will be jumping out of a plane (fair play guys!) venu and dates TBC

Ellie will Be arranging a second hand clothes stall, any donations would be great!

Tom and Nic are trying to sort out a night at the hush hush bar, that would be great if you could!

If i have forgotten anything please remind me and i will update!

And to finish off a big thank you to the stranger, who heard us talking and gave the barman £100 to hand us and then walked out! and everyone else who gave donations to the bucket that night. £279 thank you very much!

I hope this make's some sense as i have had Elizabeth and Liam Ringing me all the way throught telling me to hurry up! thanks kids x

Thanks again for everything you are all doing!!!!!! Aunty Claire xxx

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