Please everyone who knows Liam donate towards a special cause my lovely grandson' any amount will count towards helping us fund stem cell reseach and the cost of sending Liams family to Amercia or austraila where Josepth P Sarero PHD of the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Victoria, Australia is currently running trials for non-viral gene therapy for the correction of Friedreich Ataxia ips cells. For up to date listing of ongoing clinical trials for FA - FARA - FA Research Alliance. IP Address
4/1/2012 05:47:32 pm

£80 in the pot thank you fishponds road!
family fun day @ railway tavern fishponds 4th june live music BBQ
and be sure to sponsor Rose Britt who will be having her head shaved!!!!!!!
hope to see lots at the fundraising meeting this thurs 5th @sportsman in bristol

liz allan
4/3/2012 04:36:00 am

well done both of you - and rose you are are a star xx will let everyone know about the fun day xx


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